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Hi Kelly,

I will tell you why I have the feelings that I am experiencing now through a very breif story.

I am 16. No, I don't feel like I am in reality. I don't know if it is related to antidepressant use or what is happening. I have a little obsessive compulsive disorder. I am not hearing voices or seeing things either. I can't tell if it is depression, PTSD, an onset of schizophrenia or what. I can't concentrate and can't tell if my feelings are coming back, it is like they are dulled and I don't have any. All of this started this year when my psychiatrist was all gung-ho about prescribing anti-depressants to me because nothing seemed to work for my depression. I eventually got to this one medication called Cymbalta with hopes that it would be the 'answer', and it did work for my depression while I was on it. I was only on it for 4 days though because it made me feel weird, almost like I was 'out of reality'. So after taking all those anti-depressants in a row for a year, I stopped cold-turkey after the Cymbalta and it has been about 5 months since I have taken anti-depressants. Now I started taking fish oil, & a multi-vitamin. I felt like I was in reality throughout my depression. But, now I don't feel depressed, I am just at an emotional flatness. I felt more out of reality and suicidal the first few months of my anti-depressant withdrawal, but I have slightly improved. I cannot really tell if I am getting better or what. I can almost be certain that if I wouldn't have taken any anti-depressants, I would not feel like this. I guess I will never get a chance to find out though.

Could anti-depressant use have caused schizophenia?

I don't have any family history of any mental problems (including schizophrenia), and I am unsure if I have it.

My psychiatrist said, "you have premorbid symptoms of schizophrenia" and prescribed me Abilify (which I only took for 1 day because it made me start to see things). I took only 1/2 of the lowest dose and I will never take that crap again.

Whether I have schizophrenia or not, I hope that a cure can be found soon through stem cells, medicine, or whatever gets the job done. I really hope that everyone on this board is doing well and feeling as best as their mind can allow. Do the medications that you are taking now make you feel more in reality and functioning?

I have been reading about articles, testing, etc. all on schizophrenia and came across one that stated that a simple "smell" test may be successful in predicting the onset of schizophrenia. Did, before you were diagnosed with schizophrenia, or do you currently have difficulty distinguishing the smells of things?

I hope that you are doing great,

And I am thankful for your response,


Jedi Mind Trick

P.S. I feel way worse at night compared to when I wake up in the morning and I don't know of any reason why. Do people with schizophrenia feel that too?
From all of my own research, I have never learned of any such blood test that can diagnose schizophrenia. However, people suffering with the disease tend to have unusual brain activity that can be detected with some sort of test. Your doctor can tell you about it since I dont know much about it. The biggest characteristic of schizophrenia is a detachment from reality. People who have it tend to hear voices that arent there or see things that arent there (hallucinations). They may also have conspiracy theories that are just not rational. For instance, the idea that the government is plotting to kidnap them or that aliens are secretly monitoring their thoughts make up some of those delusions. My aunt who has schizophrenia once saw herself on tv if you can believe that. So the best way to learn whether you have it or not is to read about it and find out what the symptoms are. Then ask yourself if you have those symptoms. If you think you do, share that with your doctor. Most of all, be accurate when you present your problem. You don't want to use suggestive language that might push the doctor into diagnosing you falsely. Also, I think you should ask your doctor what he meant when he said "premorbid symptoms of schizophrenia." Tell him that remark has you confused and worried. Any ways, it seems that you're not sure if you have it, and I hope that you end up not having it. I am still studying on my own since I know that I feel like something is wrong with me.
Hi curiouslearner,

Nevermind about the blood test thing that I read about. It said a blood test is sort of working its way through 'trials' to determine its precision.

That site has good information relating to the disease and more encouraging for people with the disease is the news that is posted daily. Such as new drugs in trial, and other news relating to the disease.

I think that I do feel detatched from reality. Do you know what happens next to a schizophrenic? Do they usually feel detatched first then have hallucinations and then hear voices? Or does it all depend on the individual?

I am no longer seeing my psychiatrist who said "you have premorbid symptoms of schizophrenia." I haven't seen a psychiatrist for months. He prescribed me Abilify, I took it for 1 day. I only took 1/2 of the lowest prescribed dose and I felt way worse, I thought it was making me crazy. I am starting to see a therapist and will be seeing a psychiatrist as soon as there is an opening.

If you read my previous posts you see that it all started after taking the anti-depressant Cymbalta and many others previous to the Cymbalta which I am not sure were all out of my system before I took the Cymbalta. I am also starting to wonder, since there is such a thing as Drug Induced Schizophrenia. I am wondering if the anti-depressants could have caused an imbalance to take place which triggered schizophrenia or caused something like Drug Induced Schizophrenia. I am also wondering if I could have had a bad reaction from an anti-depressant which caused some chemical change or something else in my brain to take place. Or maybe I was just destined to have it from the beginning of my life. But, it doesn't make any sense to me because my family and ancestors have never even had a mental disease / problem and I was fine until I had the bad reaction to 1 / possibly more anti-depressants. I honestly think that I would be 'normal' right now if I never had taken any anti-depressants. But, I can't go back in time to change that.

Thanks for hoping that I don't have schizophrenia. I hope nobody develops it. Unfortunately, the people that do develop it have no choice. I also hope that nothing is wrong with you.

I'm just looking for a precise diagnosis. I will try to present my situation in a professional and organized manner and take it from there.

Thanks for your support and help,

First off Iam not clear why the psychiatrist said you had pre-morbid symptoms of schizophrenia. Did you personally feel you had any symptoms that might indicate schizophrenia?

I do not know about blood test but I know about MRI scans and schizophrenia. There has been research looking at brain activty and areas of the brain that are different in people with schizophrenia the findings of this research is mostly inconsient. No brain disorder can at present be diagnosised with 100% certainity.

As for the sense of smell thing people with schizophrenia may have difficulty with the sense of smell thing but are probably more likely to hallucinate smells (olfactory hallucinations). I do not think the kind of test you talking about would be acurate personally I agree with most of the other people and think a psychology test and/or a talk with a professional would be most appropriate. Lastly the symptoms you have described can I think all be caused by depression but as I said a professional opinon is probably best.

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