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Wow. That whole thing about contaminated food and "what-ifs" and "did I do something wrong" definitely sounds like OCD to me. I'm totally in agreement with CuriousLearner on this one. I have OCD, too, so if you want to talk, let me know! I have songs stuck in my head constantly, and I know what you mean about being able to hear tunes and voices from TV shows or conversations perfectly pitched in your head, even when there's complete silence. Maybe the so-called "voices" that you're hearing are really just hearing people's conversations or reciting quotes from movies or somewhere else- I do this constantly, all day long, and trust me, it is really annoying. Sometimes, I'll get a song stuck in my head that just keeps repeating over and over because it doesn't "feel right" to stop until a certain place, or there's no clear-cut ending, so the song just goes back to the beginning... :rolleyes: There's a post on the mental health board regarding psychosis that I responded to where a guy thought he might be schizophrenic, and his condition also sounded more like OCD. Many of us OCD-ers feel that we are schizophrenic or losing our minds when we first start having obsessions because they're sooo bizarre, against our nature, and impossible to control. Who wouldn't think that their mind was possessed or they were "crazy" when they started having terrible thoughts and images that wouldn't go away, no matter how hard you try to stop? I think that it's more common of us pure obsessionals (pure "O's") to feel this because we don't have any recognizable symptoms of OCD like the stereotypical hand-washing or door checking, so we never even suspect that this is what we have. That's how I was- imagine my surprise when I was doing research on OCD just because I had an interest in abnormal psychology and I found what I had been struggling with for years on the "OCD screening test!" Anyway, if you have any questions whatsoever, let me know, because believe me, I've been there. Thinking that you've lost control over your thoughts, and the thoughts that you are having are so obscene, is not pretty... Good luck and God bless! :angel:
"Sometimes I get these feelings, Katie, about things that may not really be there. Sometimes I feel like I'm losin' my mind, and if I did, it would be like flyin' blind..."
-Leo DiCaprio (as Howard Hughes)

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