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Well, I'm glad to hear that it's not schizophrenia! Yeah! Being an obsessive-compulsive is a lifelong diagnosis, but you can get better. It is most likely that both you and I will have obsessions all of our lives, even with CBT and medications, but the important thing is that CBT helps us block our obsessions and not let them take over our lives. It certainly does sound as though we've experienced similar things related to our OCD. My heart goes out to you because the time I described to you was my rock bottom- who knew someone could hit rock bottom at 12?! :rolleyes: Anyway, it does sound as if you've had previous OCD symptoms, so it seems to be pretty clear that this is what you probably have. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! :D
P.S. I love your user name, by the way! "Folle" is one of the few words I remember from my French class! ;)

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