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Schizophrenia can be fought in many cases. By just learning to understand how thoughts are perceived in your head. You cannot control your thoughts always, but you can control which thoughts you want to follow.

I have had many episodes, and ill tell you they are not fun. I honestly was insane, but pushing through it and paying attention to my thoughts and seeing how many of my thoughts where just ignorance.

Ive learned through meditation, how to control my thoughts. I actually have learned to walk around blank, but can think on a dime. Only draw back to meditation is all the repressed thoughts and memories you have/had, start to come to surface. Which give you more difficulties, like emotionally, etc. But once the cob webs are gone, you can input your good thoughts and fill up that brain with what you want, not want you don't want.

So while ill walk around thoughtless, sometimes i decide to let some through, and ill tell you i laugh out loud at some of the thoughts that come through.

These anxiety causing thoughts, and the thoughts of everything pertaining to me, or people can hear what i think, etc. Learn to not follow these thoughts, even though it is difficult, because you still "feel" them, let them pass, and just know its all thought.

Ive become a controlled schizofrenic by understanding its just thought, of course i still have some episodes, but they are easily controlled and short lived.

Although ive not gotten or will ever get to the stage of voices in my head. Ignore them as if they are an annoying person in real life that you want to ignore. Don't take any thought to them, if you notice, most people with voices in their heads, the voices never say anything good. They always say negative, or say cause harm to someone or yourself. Thats due to your thinking, learn to think on the opposite scale. Positive thought brings joy, life and success. Its easy to think negative and harder to stay positive. Ponder that, and ask the question..why? Go read up on positive thought.

Learn to laugh off ignorant and negative thought, medicine can help. Although all medicine only works while on it, and once you use and then get off, your usually worse than you where before taking it.

Read some books on the mind and how to get passed this stuff. Most people think too much and the thoughts you think are, worries, fears, hate, negative.

No wonder your mind is fighting back, learn to not think, or think positively. As this is easier said than done, it is a battle. But i guarantee you'll succeed in the end if you learn to understand your thoughts.

Sorry if this is long, and sorry if you feel i am incorrect. Some people are farther along than I, so this is not for everyone. But it can help many.

Good Luck, all you can do in life is learn learn why not learn how to learn. ;)

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