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There seems to be a lot of people on this site who want to know if they have 'signs' of Schizophrenia. Without sounding disrespectful to anybody I would like to share a few thoughts. First a short story:

John Doe decides today is the day that he will quit the terrible habit that is killing him......inside out...rotting his insides away. Today is the first day of giving up smoking.

But will it be possible?He has smoked for many years...loves every obsessive pull on the little white stick. He finds strength within himself by turning to his great love ...'The Bible'

Book of revelations...Jesus waited for the apocalypse...bit like giving up smoking!...Oh did i say John Doe lived on the 5th floor...Yep....he would wait for the apocalypse...on his balcony....5 floors up

2 hours past perched on the side of a balcony , right up on the 2 inch wide railings 5 floors up....after 2 1/2 hours it all became to much....even his best love couldnt help him....his illness was stronger than that. THE VOICES....told him to he did....cant walk now....doesnt smoke but cant walk.

So to every one who asks...what is Schizophrenia...well this is one of my experiences of it...John Doe being my brother..please read below.

Schizophrenia is a transient illness and its onset is usually NOT diagnosed or predicted by oneself...Usually the onset of this illness is so unpredictable and undiagnosable by the self.....there are no 'syptoms' for the individual really is so disillusioned that they can not comprehend what is real or unreal....So we can all sit and write a list of symptoms such as hearing voices....etc but for a Schizophrenic person...that is part of their is part of is not a seperate symptom which they can disassociate with.

The scarey thing is...YES if we went to a doctor and told them we heard voices...we'd be wacked on heavy medication before we could sneeze.....However the diagnosis of this illness usually comes from an exterior person and usually takes the individual to end up in hospital UNAWARE of anything really being to them their actions thoughts and personas are all within their 'normal' life.

So please take care everyone that is deciding whether they are or arent...once you have the label....its horrific...cant shake it....equal opportunities...WHAT ARE THEY!!!! talk it through with someone who you can trust b4 you talk it through with a doctor....and talk it through with people who know


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