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Re: Seroquel
Nov 16, 2005
:bouncing: Hello,

Actually, I have been taking Seroquel I think since 1996 when it came out (not sure there) which replaced "severe anxiety problems I was having....I don't like chaning drugs.....its a scary procedure to me...but Seroquel worked like a anxiety, days are smooth, sleep like that horse, the lady state below. I think more would do me well about 200 mg and I could get off other medications.

Now my doctor for my situation wants me off because of WEIGHT GAIN.....has anyone experienced such weight gain after several years there doctors want them to come off Seroquel, when it works so great for me. I have worked for years on it, and besides being a little "hard to wake up at first, I was on the go !" Now they want me to try Lamictal...

In 16 years I have never tried any other Lamiktal, it is spelled on my script just sits on the COUCH, until I get some GOOD FEEDBACK ABOUT IT....Does anybody feel LESS ANXIOUS ON LAMICTAL ? The doctor told me about a rash I could get in the first 8 weeks....I HAVE DONE GREAT ON SEROQUEL........and wish I could stay on it, but I am having a good dose of weight gain, and he wants me to stop it.......anybody gaining weight on SEROQUEL........ I am ADD with severe anxiety....and after Hurricane Katrina, no telling how SEVERE it is now ! Anybody like their Lamictal ? :wave:

Thanks worried
Re: Seroquel
Dec 5, 2005
:wave: Thanks for the info Sassafrass627, although I know things are different for different people.........Barkingshark, have you ever taken topamax ? I have anxiety problems, and my doctor was using Seroquel for the last 6 yrs at low dose for anxiety and sleep, and I can't say enough good about it, except the weight gain................and the cost !

Now being a Katrina victim, price is of great concern, and what I can afford after.........and even higher anxiety........had any good luck with Topomax ? May have to start new thread to ask .............thanks for the $ issue.....

Someone gave me a link to go online and see if drug companies can help when your insurance runs out, and my doctor said it will be of GREAT HELP.....and need, especially down here, where everything in Pharmacy is going fast ! Thanks !
Re: Seroquel
Dec 23, 2005
I have been taking 100 to 200 milligrams of Seroquel for 5 years for anxiety problems, and when had stressfull job, needed it to stay working.....I have they say depression with major anxiety which is a hard combination to manage ...I suppose......I love my serouquel, but have gained weight and after 5 yrs want to take me off, but I love it, it makes me stay calm, but Yes it does make for lethargy........I have to the beginning depending how much they start.....

But I needed it to sleep, and to calm me down, so I love it....they want to put me on Lamictal.....and I don't want to change.......maybe you can tell me what Lamitacl does...........

Seroquel does, have a profound lethargy at first, depending on the dose, but I have done very well on this drug and wish I could go down to about 50 milligram one get a little more pep ! Maybe a smaller dose one day will work great.....

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