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I think maybe you are talking about milligrams and not grams of Niacin.
The maximum dose of Niacin the human body can tolerate of Niacin is 3 grams daily after that it destroys the liver. There are two forms of Niacin, Nicotinic Acid and Niamicide. It is Nicotinic Acid that is supposed to be beneficial in Schizophrenia. It is supposed to taken in equal amounts with Vitamin C to protect the liver from scarring. There is a product called NADH which is a compound that Niacin is converted to in the body which is more effective than Niacin without the serious health risk of over exposure to Niacin. I found Niacin to be of no benefit and the NADH only works for a period of a few hours. It is the actual conversion of Niacin into NADH that is beneficial to Schizophrenics and not the action of Niacin alone that helps.

There is also 5htp which a person can try. It causes mild anxiety the first day you use it but doesn't have any withdrawals. Like Niacin it is made in the brain and is also a part of the Seratonin pathway, differing from Niacin in that it has not been found to be toxic.

And of course there's GABA which is another brain chemical which is sold in the health food store that is relatively cheap and works on anxiety and negative symptoms. It knocks anxiety deader than a doornail for 23 hours before it wears off abruptly. I have actually gone off meds and used GABA alone to treat my illness however I chose to return to prescription medicine because it does not wear off suddenly if you forget a dose as Gaba does.

One thing about the newer medicines is the department of welfare and the veterans administration have decided not to pay for them anymore because they did not provide any more benefit than conventional older medicines and they are associated with a risk of death. The medicines that are on this list are Clozaril, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Geodon, Abilify and Seroquel. In the US government report, the government claimed to be paying for 70 percent of all the atypicals prescribed in the USA and that they are now requiring that these medicines have a label on them just like cigarettes that disclosed this risk of death. They interviewed the makers of Risperdal, which is the most prescribed of these meds in the USA and they admitted that it had been found that during clinical trials that there was a actual risk of death as an unreported side effect. Risperdal addmitted that in the lab test before the trials that many of the lab animals died. (That is why it has been the brunt of the long standing joke that it's name is not Risperdal it is Rats-perished-all :D )

If you're thinking about trying your child on Haldol (Haliperidal) think long and hard about it, because it is the medicine they prescribed a woman in Texas who suffered from depression. They took her off it without titrating it and a week or two later she drowned her 3 kids in a bathtub. At the trial her husband testified that there had not been anything wrong with his wife untill she was given Haldol. She recieved the death penalty. What was the reason she did it-? Haldol withdrawal causes anger and rage.

Haldol was the usa hospital standard of treatment for the longest time because it is potent with few side effects. At 5 mg a person is stiff, peg legged and has blurred vision. At 2 mg, which is a good dose for anymore with moderate to severe Schizophrenia, it is virtually symptomless and you can not detect that you took a pill. If taken at night it makes a person slightly drowsy but not doped. The one big thing which is scarey when you first start it is the strange muscle jerks where you lay in bed and your whole body will suddenly just jerk when you are trying to fall asleep. It abates to where only the stomach will do it and then it stops after about six months. It is a harmless side effect that really spooks most people. Some people take a monster load of Haldol, beyond 20 mg. I am not sure how they do it because 5 mg of Haldol is a horseload. It is the cut off point of where communication stops and zom-b-i-tis begins. Haldol is considered to be the 4th strongest medicine in potentcy and can not be mixed with a lot of other meds because of interactions. Whether that is true or not, I do not know. I do know it is potent because there have been days when I first started it that I doubled my dose and took 10mg of it

There is another good medicine call Fluphe****ne, like Haldol it is about $10-20 a bottle and is particularly potent. It can not be taken if person has sleep apnea, glaucoma or asthma. Haldol is the better of the two meds. How does Haldol rank when compared to newer meds? It closely matches Abilify without the seizure activity associated with Abilify. It doesn't have the drowsiness of Seroquel or Risperdal or the agitation associated with Risperdal and Zyprexa. I wouldn't even bother to compare it to Geodon because I don't consider Geodon capable of treating anything, but for some it is a miracle drug -but those people have something different wrong with them than I do.

The best way to take a medicine for Schizophrenia is once a day at bedtime. Some of the meds are supposed to be taken twice a day, Seroquel and Risperdal for example. I have found that by going to bed after taking a medicine that has a broad side effect profile that a person can avoid most of the side effects by sleeping through them. I have never taken more than one dose a day to avoid the side effects. It is also easier to forget you are sick if you take medicine at bedtime and then go to sleep.

Of the things I've recommended you may want to give GABA a try. It only costs $10-15 dollars a bottle, and unlike Niacin, your child will know he took a pill. It causes a feeling of calm and security which is very beneficial to a person who worries they may never get well. It is not much of benefit beyond that but every little bit helps.

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