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Jan 10, 2006
I'm afraid that I'm starting to suffer from Schizophrenia... I've been on meds to help control my Anxiety and Depression for the past few months..I suffer from health Anxiety I'm in my 20's.. the odd thing is to me about 8 months ago before all these mental problems started.. I was having the time of my life.. just seemed to snap into it

Zoloft didn't work for me.. I just heard voices in my head telling me to do awful things...

Right now I'm just on 50MG of trazodone to help me sleep..but ya getting to the point

I'll have these periods of time something like 20 mins to a hour where I just snap into this odd mind set..
I'll hear voices or real random thoughts in my head.. The voices are stuff that I've heard today Quoteing friends, TV, and Radio.. or Just real random thoughts..Also I feel like I'm not even my self when this is happening!!

haven't really talked to my doctor about this yet..I'm afraid too I'm so tired of getting pills thrown at me!!
Re: Schizophrenia?
Jan 11, 2006
[QUOTE=GatsbyLuvr1920]Are these "voices" during the thoughts really your inner voice saying things that you would never want to think, like, "I want to run that kid over", or "I hate God," or "I wish my mother was dead"? Are these the sort of "awful things" that the "voices" tell you to do? Do these thoughts cause you great anxiety and disgust? Do you do something afterwards, such as pray or repeat a line in your mind, to neutralize the thought/anxiety and to ask for forgiveness? Do you find that you keep seeing these same grotesque images or hearing the same thoughts over and over again, and you can't control it? They just pop into your mind without you being able to stop it? Do you know that these thoughts are a product of your own mind (that your mind is actually generating them), even though it's stuff you would never want to think, rather than believing that someone is implanting these thoughts into your brain via television or radio waves, or that the government is using you as a spy? For the quotes, is it like you're hearing movie quotes and TV quotes over and over in your head, like an endless loop? Do you ever have to say the quotes aloud perfectly with the proper words and intonation? Do you find that the quotes and conversations enter your mind randomly and you can't stop them from entering either? If this all sounds like you, then I highly, highly doubt it's schizophrenia. Instead, I would guarantee that it's probably Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the pure obsessional subset. I'm a pure obsessional, and I, too, once believed that I was becoming schizophrenic. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Good luck and God bless! :angel:

Wow Gatsby you nailed a lot of stuff on me there... I've been fighting with my self if it was OCD and thinking it might be's just hard to admit you have something like that

I used to be a big stoner.. and I'm one of the unlucky few that it had just too much control over my mind was thinking way too much!. Can depression and Anxiety bring on OCD? Can you give me some input on how you help deal with your OCD? Lately I just do everything to keep my mind busy.. from Video Games, Movies, Reading, Jogging, Hanging out with friends, and Music.. If my mind goes Idle it just goes crazy!

Are there any physical symtoms with OCD? I've been having problems with dizzyness lately

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