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hi , I happen to have 2 disorders. 1st obsessive compulsive disorder, 2nd schizoaffective disorder. Schizoaffective disorder is a combo of schizophrenia or psychosis and manic-depression. Meds will be things like risperdal or zyprexa to name a few anti-psychotics.... and maybe a mood stabilizer like epival (or valproic acid), or lithium which has nasty side effects by the way. the mood stabilzers are known to screw up the liver, and dry your mouth so it ends up your teeth rot quicker. Im missing teeth, and some have chipped away. Tell your relative to stay away from caffeine and alcohol, and especially street drugs. The occasional coffee is okay, same for the odd beer or whatever, but the drugs...good lord stay away from that, or she'll be off her rocker. it was hashish that made me sick in the first place.
except I was an ocder at the age of 9+..... by the way look out for repetitive behavior or obsessive behavior in your sister.... they now beleive that ocd can be a factor in schizoaffective disorder... duh.... like as if I didnt know.... (quacks)...... sorry but it took me 13 years of unessessary suffering with ocd before I got diagnosed it finally. ooooooh doctors can be so arrogant. but I digress.... but you'll see doctors only want to listen to themselves. also remember to encourage, not judge or expect her to get her "act" together. She has no act to get together. She will be experiencing fatigue, depression, and anxiety etc, and lethargy (which is commonly confused with lazyness).... dont make her life any harder than it already is. be supportive, listen to her ***** if you have to, but be there for her, and dont "should" her. Keep her from feeing guilty. dont put her on any guilt trips for her behavior because its not her fault she is sick. accept her as she is. dont forget she is not contagious. and remember to love her like you always have. She still needs that and more now than ever. be there for her.

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