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Ok - That sounds like a good plan and I found the part about your professor particularly hilarious. Haha... Well, at least you know that you have asperger's-like "traits" just from the grand scope of things and everything put together. I hope that it gets sorted out at your CBT exam. Personally, I think that you maybe an extremely verbal person(and since you're ability to think and work with words is so more advance then the normal person you're age - you're practically excluded on that fact alone) with difficulty in abstraction and mathematical reasoning with a hint of introvertedness; Ok probably not just an ordinary hint: More like a super-strong hint.

Now I'm sure you've heard of the types who are extremely verbal but often have a hardtime understanding something or more abstract ideas or abstract education realms like math.(and god, I used to abhor these type of people because they could talk their way around anything and making it sound like they were smart and knew what they were doing(i.e convincing), but often didn't) I suspect that you maybe this way. And also introvertedness - Have you heard of it? It's basically just preferring to being alone comparison to socializing with others - which it seems that you are this way. Also another trait of an introvert is keeping only a very few amount of friends and preferring one-on-one contact with others, in contrast to being an extrovert who has lots of friends, and likes to party with others, and finds hanging around with many others people(often in large groups) to be particularly energizing, rather than how an introvert would find it "draining".

In light of the fact of being an extremely verbal and english-oriented person(as evidenced in your posts) and that you often associate with the more educationally-advanced individuals(as you say - Nerds in high school and you find your professors to be your true peers) because they are probably the only ones who can completely understand you and likewise be able to relate with you, I'd say your probably an individual with advanced linguistic ability with introverted traits whom likes to seriously study. There is nothing wrong with that - it's probably just the hallmarker of a nerd, which is not meant in derrogatory way. (And are you sure that your ability to abstract is limited? I can't really immediately determine that from reading your posts. o_0 - but you say you immensely enjoy chemistry(amongst other subjects)? That along with anyother science related field requires the ability to abstract concepts.)

[And did you read the asperger's section of the book "The misdiagnosis of the gifted child", and looked at the conflicting features and reviewed it with other people to form a valid opinion? That may be eye-opening...]

But it certainly does seem the possibility of aspergers exists. Meh - report back after you see the professional at the appointment!

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