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Yeah. I have pretty much the same consensus. :) I suffer depersonalization and feeling removed from reality as a symptom of my illness but then again, so do my friends, one is bipolar, one has bad anxiety. She says she feels it most when her panic attacks get out of control. She also has OCD and when she's in an obsessive or compulsive (or both) place, she gets the panic attacks. So short story long, it can be a symptom of many things.

Schizophrenia has some hallmark symptoms. Hearing voices or seeing visions that no one else can coroberate. Other types of hallucination like feeling tactile sensations that aren't "really" there, smelling or tasting strange things. (Like this one time, I had hot chocolate and when I drank it, it tasted like feces.) There is also often delusional thinking. That the CIA are tracing you through a chip in your head, that you control the weather, that you are famous, etc. You're suspicious of those most would consider harmless. That sort of thing. And it's not just worrying or being a little paranoid. You KNOW this is happening the same way you know Wednesday follows Tuesday.

There's also a lot of confusion, memory interruption, sometimes there are thoughts you have or things you say that no one can make sense of. A feeling of being enlightened is common. This was, and still is to some extent, my experience. Though some was very bad, this, above all else, was always there. The feeling of heightened awareness, the feeling of discovery.

Anyhow, I'm getting off track. If you're suffering depersonalization at all, you should bring it up with your doctor. It's a reallyscary, surreal feeling and it's stressful. But unless you're having (or are being told you're having) hallucinations or delusions, don't worry yet about a worse case. But do see your doctor, if you can.

love and peace

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