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Re: Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
[QUOTE=jenny1983]hello and i would like to know some info and excperiences from a person that suffers from schiczophrenia.What age did your sympotms start? and how fast they began?Did you always felt there was somehting wrong with you?The reason i am asking is for my mother and for me , i think she might have schichophrenia, and i think i might become become schichiphrenic.It would be great if any of you reply, and it would also help me learn about the disorder.Thanks again everyone and have a great day :wave:[/QUOTE]

hi Jenny,

My symptoms started when I was about 3 years old...or as far back as i can remember. I occasionally heard voices and saw visions when i was real little. Usually the voices were talking real loud and fast and saying frightening things. When I was about 6, this stopped for a while.
I've always had 'issues' though. I did aweful in school.I couldn't get good grades even when i tried real hard. I had hardly any friends and lots of trouble socializing. When i was about 8 or 9, i was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and an auditory processing disorder (meaning i had difficulty analyzing the things people were saying and what i was reading)
Around the age of 9 or 10, i started becoming paranoid. I believed people were poisoning my food, planting bombs outside my front door, etc. I constantly had panic attacks because of the paranoia. But back then I never really told anyone about my fears so none of my doctors knew to suspect schizophrenia.

Soon after my 16 birthday, everything got real bad. I became real depressed and suicidal and started self injuring more and more. I started having hallucinations again, like seeing shadowy people running around in the streets, seeing faces pop out of the walls, hearing voices, etc. I developed strange delusions, like believing i was from another demension, i believed objects like chairs, trees, street signs, TV's, etc. were alive and communicating with me through telepathy. I believed i had special powers, like i could move objects with my mind. I developed Obsessive compulsive rituals.

I also started getting strange feelings in my body, for example, at times my body would feel all mixed up like a puzzle, my arms and legs felt like they were floating away from me, or like they were in a different position then i was holding them. I felt other people inside my body with me moving around, or i;d feel like my body wasn't seperate from the world. Like it all just flowed together.

I was in and out of hospitals and in day treatment programs all of the time when i was 16. during my second hospital stay, i was diagnosed with psychotic depression, OCD, and a few other things.

After my depression was stabalized with meds, my psychotic symptoms continued to get worse. I believed the government was following me, watching my every move. They sent spy cars out to follow me when i was driving, I believed the spy cars were sending me signals with their headlights. There were cameras and tracking devices hidden in street lights. They were trying to destroy me. I believed that eventually i'd be captured and teleported to another world where they would torture me. I was constantly hearing voices in my head. Most of the time it was just a bunch of talking going on in the backround that i couldn't understand. Sometimes they voices would talk in other languages. Sometimes they'd comment on what i was doing and talk to each other about how stupid i am. Sometimes they'd command me to do things, but i;d resist.

So when i was 17, i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I'm 19 now and my current psychiatrist is trying to determine if I have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

Well, sorry this has gotten so long. I guess there is just a lot to say when you have schizophrenia.

i have a question for you . Why do you think your mother has schizophrenia and what makes you think you'll get it.?..what are yours and your mothers symptoms?

one thing i almost forgot to mention: you asked if i always felt there was something wrong. I did but the strangest thing is. When i was about 5 years old i remember my mother telling me about how her mother and sister were schizophrenic and i got a strange feeling inside me and i said to myself : " someday im going to become schizophrenic"

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