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[QUOTE=SuchGreatHeight]Thanks Gatsby. I really need to look into things more, but considering the past between Autism and Schizophrenia there isn't as much resources today.


Sure thing! As you probably know, I love talking about this kind of stuff with you! :D If there's anything else you want to know, I'll try my best! Write back soon! :angel:
I have Asperger's, a form of autism, and was terrified for years that I had schizophrenia, like my mother, because I saw so many of my traits in her. My counselor calmed me down by telling me this: Both groups have obsessions. Most schizophrenics have either religion or sex (or both) as their primary obsessions. I'd never thought of my mother having a sex obsession, until I remembered all the tales of the orgy's at church, the loose women at the senior citizens luncheons, my father's and brother's love affairs, her sister's sex change operation, etc. All of which she observed personally, of course, and you couldn't talk her out of it because her memory of it was so strong.

Neither the devil nor Jesus tell me what to do, but they are in constant communication with my mother. Terrifying visual hallucinations and nightmares are not a part of Asperger's. (However, some meds given for allergies can cause vivid nightmares, Singulair being one that did me in.)

They are both neurological problems, so I suspect one day some overlapping causes will be identified. If you took away my mother's visual and auditory hallucinations, and her religious and sexual obsessions, total distortion of reality, and inability to see herself as others do, she would still have the traits of someone with Asperger's or high functioning autism.

My mother is totally unaware of her problems, cannot see them, and believes she is perfectly normal. I have read that the part of the brain that allows one to self evaluate one's behavior is damaged in schizophrenia. My son and I, with Asperger's, are hyper aware of our problems, and work hard to fit in, and have always known we are "different'.

Hope this was helpful.

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