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Re: Advice please
Apr 13, 2006
[QUOTE=susan322]hi im new to the boards im looking for some advice ,,, i was at my psychitrist yesterday who says i have high levels of anxiety and paranioa ,its just i did a screening test online for schizophrenia and it came back 70% i was ,i do hear voices but not in my head just like people shouting on me or talking in the other room when my bf asleep also very mistrusting of other people i even check bins for things 2 c if my bf is cheating ,,i also have bad derealization and depersonalation ,anyway what advice im loking for is do u think the doc could have made a mistake in diagnosing anxiety instead of schizophrina ,,im so paraniod just now ..sorry if this dont make sence thanx susan[/QUOTE]

Hi there --

Hearing voices and feeling paranoid are classic schizophrenic symptoms. However, I also hear voices but am not schizophrenic -- I have psychotic depression. So just because you hear things and are paranoid it doesn't necessarily mean that you have schizophrenia (although you might). For what it's worth I'd say that you definetly have something more than just anxiety; but as for schizophrenia, I don't know...

Hope this helps.



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