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Re: Newbie
May 9, 2006
what are flat emotions?im not sure i understand you mean i changed a not going to go back to my old this it for me?please tell me the not paranoid anymore or delusional maybe every once in a blue moon.i have emotions sometimes and sometimes like now i don't.i still see things not sure if the voices are going you know why?because everytime they lessen.they can get louder as well as faint.when they faint that tells you they going away i was told,but they get louder.i haer the same voices all the time esp.her.not unless it's somebody i don't hear,that's the only way i can think that they can get louder.but since i don't hear her or him.they dont go away.i know i have to expect them to go away sometimes.even god gets rid of the ones i hear.not the ones who could acutally making me this away.these same voices keep going away over and over and over's non stop.for 11 yrs now.first i was on reseperdol didn't help at all when they lessen.still strong.not doing anything.except making me sleep.then i was on abilify.the paranioa went away,it got better a little,then it got worse after a im on helped the most.except i have to journal.if you asked me geodon is a real breakthrough in az medications.except i have to journal,because for some reason it's not doctor is going to read mt journal and see what other medication she can put me on 240mg of geodon.

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