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[QUOTE=steveo23]Hey everyone

This is'nt a schizophrenia related question as such, I was just looking for a bit of understanding on psychosis. I was diagnosed with severe OCD years back, with other mild symptoms (voices, bodily sensations) at the time of initial diagnosis, and was told this was a mild psychotic episode (possibly because of severe depression from the OCD), for which I took Olanzapine for a while. It only lasted a short duration, and I havent had any trouble like that since, except with my OCD unfortunately increasing in severity as Ive got older. I guess its possible that it was a result of OCD, as Ive learnt how powerful that disorder can be over the years, but Ive always been under the impression that psychotic symptoms were related to schizophrenic spectrum disorders, and not anxiety disorders like OCD. Im just a little confused, and have wondered for a while. Could anyone help my understanding on that if they've got the time? I do apologise as this isnt related to schizophrenia as such. Thanks


Hi Steve,

Psychotic symptoms aren't allows related to schizophrenic spectrum disorders. After all, I hear voices (a psychotic symptom); but don't have a schizophrenic disorder -- I have psychotic depression. I think that the difference between psychosis in schizophrenia and psychosis in other disorders (depresssion, OCD, etc) is basically this -- that schizophrenics (usually) don't realise that their psychotic symptoms aren't real; whereas people with psychotic depresson/OCD (usually) do realise that their psychotic symptoms aren't real. For example, I hear voices; yet I know that they're not real and that I'm ill, etc. On the other hand, someone with schizophrenia would believe that their voices are real and that maybe God is trying to contact him/her, etc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks cinemachick

Musical hallucinations... thats interesting. Ive experienced times before (occasionally) when Ive been low and some nameless tune or a song has kept me awake a night. Everyone gets music stuck in their head and you think you are hearing stuff, but on those occasions it was quite different and just plain weird.

I know OCD is a strange illness. Like misfirings and malfunctions in the fear/anxiety centre of the brain (hypothalamus, I think) can confuse fears and thoughts for reality, and thats why so many with OCD end up really BELIEVING things are contaminated, that they would hurt someone, that they have some horrible illness,etc. but they know something doesnt quite add up.

I spoke to my doctor last year about schizotypal OCD (I believed its called), some rarer form of OCD that falls somewhere between anxiety disorders and the schizophrenic spectrum. He said thats more to do though with people being oblivious to the irrational nature of their OCD, and not necessarily to do with pyschotic symptoms. I, on the other hand, know that I am crazy, so I guess I dont have schizotypal OCD. :)

Yeah, I think a chat with my doc is in order. Guarenteed he'll believe Im having some health anxiety though, haha. Thanks very much for the info on psychosis. Good luck with ya anxiety/psychosis cinema chick.

Cheers again

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