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I am currentlt involved with a man who has this disease. It is a source of vulnerability for him and he doens't like to talk about it. I think he is ashamed of having it.

I want to be closer to him and even make a committment, but am reluctnat to do so because of his lack of self disclosure.

He has told me of his struggles with depression, anxiety and a lack of motivation.

I am reading the book Surviving Schizophrenia, but still don't under stand it.

How much does having this disease effect one's life. I am a recovered anorexic and will never be normal about food, but have learned to manage my eating disorder, which I suppose i will always have on some level.

Can people with schiz manage it, like addicts learn to manage their addictions, or is a constant uphill battle with lots of steps back.

I want to know what I will be getting into if I get involved with this guy.

I will say that he has truly been a blessing to me in so many ways and has offered me more depth, dignity, respect and kindess than anyone I have known. I don't want to pass him by just because of what he has.

On the other hand, if he has any potential to be dangerous, i want to know that as well.

On another message board, I wrote a post asking "what is "crazy?"
i've dated lots of undiagnosed men that were mean and played games. One guy liked to look at torture and beheading sites on the internet. That guy is walking around undiagnosed, while my current beau has to carry this stigma that he feels ashamed of.

Life is weird. However, i'd still like to know if anyone can tell me what to expect from dating and loving someone with schizophrenia?

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