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I have schizophrenia but it is a very untypical type that baffles my doc quite often though he is sure of the diagnosis..anyways I dated a guy I met in the hospital,who also had schizophrenia and we were both sick when we met and both thought the other one was crazy I realize now that we were both delusional, my point is that even though I was sick as well dealing with the issues of someone who is not in reality can be very hard and in my case this guy didn't really do much to help himself so that was difficult, I have gotten violent with my family usually it was because I got paranoid and they were trying to tell me thats not real or I was really scared and thought I was being threatend,but I have dated non mentally ill guys and it's never been a problem , what helped them with me was that I sort of told them what caused me to have the problems i did have and how they could help like if I was hearing voices or being paranoid and they have all been real sweet about it and understanding. I don't know if this will help you or not but i think if you love this guy and you can talk with him about what to do in situations it might help if you do want it to work out.... but if a person scares you wether they are sick or not it's best to leave the relationship I was in an abusive marriage and I wish I had gotten out at the first signs of trouble..

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