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If you are like me, you've been too busy to get on line, but I remember our boyfriends were very similar. What ever happened with yours? Mine had a psychotic episode and scard me to death. I am trying to break up with him, but am doing it slowly so that he won't go off on me. He is terrified of rejection and often rants and raves with lots of hostility about the women who've rejected him in the past.
I suppose one should "work through things" in a relationship, but I'm almost 40, was married once to an abusive guy and don't want to waste time working through things when I am perfectly happy being single.

I hope you are still out there somewhere to answer my question. If your boyfriend was expressing hostility and negativity towards others, eventually he will express that towards you, esp if he thinks he has you. That goes for any guy, schizophrenic or not.

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