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I keep a supply of Abilify on hand, even though i take Zyprexa.. I've found though that Abilify makes me so high that i can't sleep while on it either.

I think it's the Abilify that's doing you in.

Now, i'm not expert either.... but my drug, Zyprexa has little or no side effects. I take it before bedtime and it makes me slightly drowsy.... once i'm up in the morning i can still function too without being tired.

Now i know all the hype about Zyprexa too, but in small dosage it's not a problem. I think a worthy goal is to take as little dosage of medicine as you can and still have enough in you to do the trick. I don't let psychiatrists persuade me into overdosing myself.

Abilify, i keep on hand because there are days when i feel like i need a pick me up, a stimulant, to get my persona thinking more in terms of success oriented goals. Zyprexa seems to give me a dull life at times. However, this improves as days go on. The brain seems to be adapting and recreating me.

I rarely take Abilify, though. But the times i have taken it, i have found new jobs for myself. employment that is. It seems to be a stimulant in my opinion and may be the reason you can't sleep.

I don't know about taking the abilify with a sleep agent. Seems like those 2 don't correspond. Why would anyone take a stimulant and a depressant at the same time? But if Abilify is all you have then maybe you should do what the doctor says...

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