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Sep 20, 2006
Hi everyone!

I have been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. I have suffered from about 4 or 5 psychotic episodes in the last 6 years, the most recent one at the beginning of this year which lasted about 2 and half months. I'm now recovered and taking medication.

Each time I have suffered a psychotic episode, my delusions have always been associated with religion and spirituality. During my earlier psychotic episodes I used to think that I was being chased by demons and the devil. During my latest psychotic episode I thought that I was God's chosen one and I thought that I could make the World a better place by praying all the time.

I have noticed that many people who have suffered from psychosis often have delusions or hallucinations that are associated with religion. What I want to know is why it is common for psychotic episodes to have religious associations.

The other thing is when I come out of a psychotic episode, I sometimes feel that what I have experienced is that during my psychotic episode I have entered into a different level of reality. As though there are different Worlds out there and that my illness is not just associated to a chemical imbalance in my brain but also related the paranormal? Does anyone else relate to this? Sometimes I feel that science cannot explain all things.

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