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I am a 32 year old male who has basically been a caregiver for my brother and elderly mother. In the past two years I've had massive family problems including a brother who made a drug induced suicide attempt. I have always suffered from some anxiety/depression but now things seem diffrent.
First it seems like I'm having some sort of an "attack". My eyes hurt and I feel scrambled like you do when you have a fever. I then feel tinges of paranoia. Ex- I was walking to get a hamburger and I thought I wonder if the restrurant isn't poisening me. I immediatly dismissed this thought ordered my food and ate it as normal. When I'm in this state sometimes I'm afraid/paranoid of watching tv/using the computer,eating but I do it anyway and the feeling reduces to some extent. I have never felt paranoid before. I have no hallacinations and I don't hear voices nontheless, I'm very concerned that this could be the beginings of schizophrenia. My grandfather on my mom's side had it and my cousin has mild schizophrenia but it appears to be drug induced as a result of heavy drug use. I have no history of drug use and have been diagnosed with Gerd/Anxiety/Highblood pressure. I went to a general practicitionor and was diagnosed with anxiety and proscribed Wellbutrin. The medication seems to reduce these thoughts but when and "attack" happens it comes back strong. Do my symptoms suggest Schizophrenia? Thanks in advance for your input.

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