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Re: Seroquel
Oct 29, 2006
[QUOTE=ceres_lacaille]I was asleep 18+ hours of the day, and when i was awake my IQ had lowered to almost retard levels.QUOTE]

Thats all most medications do. Either put you to sleep, or make your brain produce chemicals that affect your thoughts and emotions.

Do you know the difference between these drugs and street drugs?

There really is very little.

[B][U]Street Drugs[/U][/B]

Do not know what can be in them.

Effect your memory and emotions, make you forget the "pain".

You don't know where they came from.

They can cause long term health problems.

They can cause perminant damage to your body in other areas than the brain.

There are many more than this.....

[B][U]Prescribed Drugs[/U][/B]

How do you or they know exactly what these meds affect. THEY DON'T.

They effect your memory and emotions, usually zombifying you.

You don't know where they were made, you just feel warm they come from a pharmacy in a little bottle.

They DO cause long term health problems, usually liver problems, and they make your brain produce chemicals that it is not CHOOSING to do, so once off the meds, your brain doesn't know HOW to react. Its won't duplicate what medications do...

The thing about "legal" drugs, are that they make you feel warm and cozy, that these are going to help you. A psychiatrist is more helpful than medication. It just takes work on your part to get to the correct mindset you need to be at. There is absolutely no way you can become cured from medications. NEVER...the only way you can be "CURED" is to continue taking them.

Humans like quick and easy. We don't like to work for somthing if we don't have to. Medications are quick fixes, just as street drugs. Street drugs also work to get over your emotions or "dis-eases". But once they wear off, your back to the bottom of the barrel.

The best thing you can do is, LOVE the bottom as much as you LOVE the top. Clean up your mind and your memories. As its all caused by bad programming, false judgements, and habit.

Good Luck...meditation for the win...(takes time, but its done by YOU and not by THEM.)

Much Love

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