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Hearing Voices
Oct 28, 2006
I hope someone can help me understand something that I experiance daily.

When its quiet I hear voices in my mind. More loudly when I turn on the water to wash my hands or when a fan is running, and always when I am alone. I have noticed this for years, but as of late these random phrases have grown louder within.

The voices are random voices, such as of a man, woman or child and even a family member. The voices never talk to me, they only say random things, such as, "I need a smoke" - "I'm going fishing" or "Strike Three! He's outta there!" I liken them to one sitting on the couch with a remote flipping through the stations on the TV, chaging the channel every three seconds. Again I cannot engage in conversation with these voices anymore than I could with the TV.

The voices come and go constantly and rapidly. They change to something new every few seconds. At times (moreso when tired) I see rapid images flash in the back of my mind that go with the voices, but those only last a moment too. I don't mind channel surfing but I don't wish to do so 24/7 in my mind.

I have been more stressed lately than I have in sometime. Perhaps that plays a major role. One Doctor mentioned Radio signals from fillings, but I hear the voices of family members saying random things such as, "Man, its cold outside!" So its not that. Some have even mention telepathy and psychic power, but I think thats silly.

I am not sure if this is the onset of Schizophrenia or something different.

At times its disturbing as I fear I may become consumed by these constant inner ramblings and lose my identity. I hope someone can help shed light on this strange mystery.

Thanks, Jeremy
Re: Hearing Voices
Oct 29, 2006
[QUOTE=ceres_lacaille]I hear doors slamming and glass breaking and whatnot while Im falling asleep too! Anyone know why this happens?[/QUOTE]

Habitual thinking. You have become expectant of these sounds, and probably actually wait to hear them. You might not be choosing to do this, but this is prbably the case.

Does this scare you? If so why? If you hear glass break, make the noise yourself, *pshhhhtttssss* (dunno how you'd spell it :P)

If you hear a door slam, make that sound. Act as if you knew it was going to happen. Do not fear these things our mind conjurs up. I want you to do this next time you hear these things.. Fear will be eliminated, and over time so will the noises.

As for Illuminary, why do you have that name? Significance?

Hopefully you do not become afraid of these voices, if not...Your doing good. Why not laugh at these when they "speak" to you? If I heard a voice say "strike three", I guarantee I would laugh to myself, and ask what? while giggling probably.

Voices in your head are quite an interesting thing. You have within your memory hundreds of voices that you have heard in your lifetime, maybe more depending on your memory and age. These voices can say things to you, although they are probably just your thoughts in another voice.

This all stems from a lack of mental self-control. The flashing of images, the voices, the rambling in your head. Your mind will go on and on and on, if you let it. And thats the easiest thing in the world to do, the harder part is silencing your mind. This can be done with meditation.

Simple meditation would be to just focus on your breathing, or maybe a ceiling fan noise. Choose somthing and focus on it, if a thought comes in (WHICH I GUARANTEE MANY MANY WILL) ignore them. Focus on the noise or breath, etc. If your mind begins to wander into a thought that came by, stop and focus back on the noise/breath.

Now this takes time, and practice. I usually do it before I goto sleep. And I'd say after 3 months (how long it took me), I could with ease, stop thinking TOTALLY. I am able to do my job at work, watch tv, play games, walk around the mall, ANYTHING...with a completely empty head.

You actually have control over your thoughts, but your mind will make you think otherwise. Again, meditation is the answer. Its not easy or fast, but it is what you need.

You must also LOSE ALL FEAR. Fear of these voices/noises/etc are the cause of them being repeated. Ignore the voices, laugh at em, ask them who they are talking to...etc...They will not talk back...

Also you said being psychic, or telepathy is silly. Why? Fear?
We are moving to a new age in reality, that many of you do no realize. Tuning into the world is happening to you and you don't know what to do.

Schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Depression...we can control these..

Lose your fear...
Learn self control, mentally and physically.*BIGGEST THING EVER*


Good Luck...oh and also, open your mind...because if you close it'll never know anything about you or reality.

again good luck...and again...fear is fake...

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