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Re: Paranoia
Nov 23, 2006
Hello Zoe,
I hope you don't take my reply the wrong way but I noticed you've said you've been on lots of different boards. I've seen you quite a lot on the depression board. I think sometimes if people look into certain disorders too much they can begin to get almost become obsessive over it.
I can understand why you are searching for the answers though, I myself am awaiting a diagnosis and it's very frustrating, so naturally we try to find anything to explain the types of emotions or behaviours we're experiencing so we know we're not just 'going mad'.
The important thing to remember is that until you know what it is, it's best to stick with dealing with one thing at a time. Depression is hard enough alone to deal with without worrying yourself over problems you might never have to face.
I would say you do seem to be dealing with depression and probably an anxiety disorder of some kind (which could explain the extreme paranoia) along side it though. As for schizophrenia I would be VERY surprised if this was the final diagnosis. People with schizophrenia have a number of different symptoms and some can be emotionally and physically crippling. This is why I feel you should not worry to much about this disorder. Also it appears that most people who suffer with schizophrenia are not aware of they're own behaviour being 'out of the ordinary' for example if he/she thinks they can hear someone's else's thoughts, he/she wont think it, in their mind they will 'know' it. It's a hard disorder to explain but I hope you know what I mean and I've put your mind at rest, at least for this one.

Good luck with the diagnosis! (hug)

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