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Nov 12, 2006
I am not a diagnosed schizophrenic, although for a long time i have had this problem. I keep thinking that people are staring at me in the street. Giving me horrible evil looks. I somtimes think they can hear my thoughts and are laughing at me because of it. I myself think i can hear their thoughts too. I know what they are thinking. I don't hear it as such but i just feel i know. I think i hear people muttering thing as they pass me, almost every person i pass in the street. I sometimes feel i am comunicating with people through thoughts. Occasionaly i think my boyfriend, is conspiring against me with friends. this thought doesn't happen much and i usually forget about it quite soon after, but it gets me very anxious.
Sometimes i see things that are not there, people, animals, not straight on, it's only ever at the corner of my eye.I also smell things that are not there, and somtimes hear things. like my name being called. It's like a whisper.

does this sound like schizophrenia? I have been to the bi polar boards, ocd, depression, and anxiety boards. I have yet to be diagnosed by a doctor, although my diagnose is coming up. The doctor hasn't menioned what she things is wrong though.

Thank you for your help.

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