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I would recommend showing your parents this thread. It cannot hurt to show them how you described your experiences. If you find that your parents are unresponsive, I would recommend asking your parents if you may speak with your family Doctor regarding this matter. Your family doctor may be able to refer you to a trusted psychiatrist or psycologist. Others will disagree with me but I would not recommend going to a teacher or to a school councilor regarding this matter; they are not trained to deal with this and they may steer you the wrong way. I would not recommend dealing with a governmental psychiatrist or psycologist, please get a private one. I'm sorry this is happening to you at such a young age but to be honest the same things you are experiencing is what I experienced at your age but did not get help for it. When I hit 21 it finally evolved into a paranoid dellusion. Please I urge you to get help from your parents and your familly doctor. The ealier this is diagnosed the easier it will be for you to manage.

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