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5 months pregnant
Jan 17, 2007
HI, I'm 5 months pregnant and my boyfriend is ill of schizophrenia. Has been admitted 8 times in the hospital in the passed 6 years. His life is a little chaotic and he never knows what he wants. he shows me love, he is always smiling when he is with me and always giving me cuddles and kisses, but I have found that every time I mention any problems to him, he gets pressured and instead of helping me, he turns his back on me. He says things like it is better if I go with someone else who can give stability, or that he has nothing to offer me and he is ill and owes money to the bank,,,,He came with me to the baby scan and he looked happy and sometimes he kisses my tummy and says Hello to the baby,,,I have been trying to find a job but I still have not any and my savings are running down, I have asked him to live together and we did for 10 days and everything was fine and he said it was lovely to share everything with me and seeing me there,,,but He does not want me to stay there forever. Everytime I mention the issue he says he does not love me and that is why he does not want me lo live there,,,then I try to do things, I caress him, I confort him,,and he is lovely again and very kind but as soon as I mention -the live together issue- he says again that he does not love me, last night he threw me away his flat,, I know he is not a cruel person and that he really loves me, he really has showed this to me many times, but I dont know why he cannot cope with problems and instead of helping each other, what he does is to push me away all the time. I do love him for life and he knows this,,,but he keeps thinking that he is not good enough for me and says that it is not good if I stay there living with him, that is is not good for me,,,If I dont find a job asap and somewhere to live, I will need to go back to my parents abroad,,and that will be worse as he will miss me and he wont meet our child,,but I really have not much choice,,I cannot rely on him when there are troubles,,,it just makes him feel worse....

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