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I want to try to help you, but I'm not sure if I will be able to. First of all, in order to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, you have to exhibit two types of symptoms for at least a month. Paranoia and delusions are considered to be one symptom. Only in extreme cases can you be diagnosed with only 1 type of symptom. Here is a link to some diagnosis info and access to an on-line screening test for shizophrenia (you can print it out and ask her the questions if you want to). [url][/url]

It is obvious that she is having symptoms of psychosis, and people who are psychotic often deny that anything is wrong with them. I don't think anything that you say will convince her that she is acting strangely. When I was psychotic (I was diagnosed with Brief Psychotic Disorder, and then relapsed and was diagnosed with Psychotic Disorder (NOS)) I didn't think there was anything wrong with me, but I was very paranoid and had delusions that the T.V, radio, and people around me were talking about me. I thought that something was wrong with everyone else, and not me. You definately don't want to agree with her that she is a spy, but if you deny that she is a spy it will obviously lead to animosity as you already know. I would just try to stay neutral (if that is possible) or try to change the subject. It's very possible that she needs medication.

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