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I have OCD- I'm not schizophrenic- I'm on this site because of a family member who has been diagnosed with it- anyhow- I know that what you want is reassurance because I've been there- so here it is- you don't have schizophrenia- I have spent many hours and days obsessing over that myself (along with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and anything else you can imagine)- but as I'm not in that OCD loop right now- I know I don't have any of those things- and I don't think you do either- I actually called my psychologist once shortly after I was diagnosed with OCD to make sure that I didn't have borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia- I think that what he told me will help you too- "You calling me and asking me about this is only confirming your OCD diagnosis."

I know that all of the reassurance in the world won't make those thoughts stop circling if you're really stuck- but hopefully it will ease your anxiety a little- one thing that I learned- stop trying to prove to yourself in your head that you are not schizophrenic- I know that's hard- but the more you try to prove it in your head the lstronger the loop gets and the fear gets worse- besides- we already know that OCD thoughts don't suddenly disappear just because we try to rationalize them- if that worked we wouldn't be getting stuck on things in the first place

Anyhow- I hope this helps a bit- I know what you're dealing with and I hope this obsession passes you by soon

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