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I'd like to know if this is SZ related or if it's really just OCD. please any input would really make me feel better...

Does anyone else feel like their mind is always "on" or racing?

I dont hear voices. I dont have different personalities inside me that I hear or anything. I know deep down it's just my own thoughts. I know this because you know how when you are/were in school and you studied for exams and then you would go take them and you'd "think" or "talk" in your head.... "ok this math equation do this times x divided 9.... etc..." or whatever. You know internal dialog? That's what I hear.

That's what's in my head and gives me these crazy intrusive thoughts. Like the harming of myself and others. I used to have issues with homosexuality. But your classic intrusive thoughts, I have. If you're not familiar with OCD this is a classic PURE O trait. We fear things that are our worst nightmares and couldnt act on them but we think what is? What if we do lose control?

I guess my latest concern is, and again I kind of mentioned it, Im afraid this internal voice means Im crazy or schizophrenic. I try and tell myself it's OCD. But I obsess over it. I tell myself, and it's true that I dont feel like there's someone ELSE talking to me. I dont hear a man's voice and the only female voice if you want to call it that, is me. My voice. But I dont know is it the OCD making me wonder and obsess?

Wouldnt I know if there was another voice I that I didnt recognize? Like "omg who said that?" Or people having conversations? I dont have that. It's me. Instead of thinking out loud like some people do think inside. The most dialog I get is if I saw something or do something I might think to myself... "Oh nice one jen! you're such an ***!" But again this isnt a voice I dont recognize.

Sorry for the long post. A classic OCD trait is need for reassurance and I guess that's what I need. Please any input would help me and maybe calm me down.

I also struggle with anxiety and depression that sometimes lead to panic attacks.

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