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Jun 9, 2007
okay times up im not pretending i dont have a problem i thought i was seeing ghosts and i whatever the point is im hallucinating and it scares me its been happening for about a little over a month now and i thought it was real i know u get caught up in it and lose a sense of reality but i want my life back! i want to stop being this way and stop thinking im really seeing things.. they are just idk seemed like ghosts then seems like a few other things that dont make sense and i now know how fake it is i reached out to a friend once and they told me the same thing anyways wut else is there to say.. umm about 2 years ago i felt that i wasnt in control of my body or movements or thoughts and i heard a voice i couldnt tell if it was inside me or outside and i went to sleep feeling so panicky that i even felt that something was out to hurt me so i started feeling just funny for the next few days and out of nowhere it went away like it was never there i feel as though this is the same thing altho worse and now i see things that arent there.. at least i know its a problem and im not lost in it thinking something is out to get me anymore =/ this is so scary to talk about bcuz people label you as crazy and i dont wanna be crazy none of us do so i need support and advice from people who can help

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