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ok so my hallucination story is NOTHING compared to your guys' (and i truly sympathize you all cuz that's frickin scary), and i'm not schizophrenic--- but one time i overdosed on pseudoephedrine, and i saw dark figures and shadows in the corners of my eyes. my clothing would twitch and like my socks and pants would be scuttling across the floor. the moment that really scared me (again, no where near as scary as yours), was when i told myself i needed to get some sleep, shut off the tv, and slowly shut my eyes. the moment i did so i suddenly heard what sounded like the shuffling of papers coming from beside me in my room somewhere. i tried to ignore it, telling myself it was in my head--- when suddenly the shuffling turned to ripping and ripping and ripping. that freaked me out cuz even though i knew it wasn't really happening, i was afraid someone was in the room. also faces on my posters would change expression and blink, and in my ear while i was trying to sleep i couldve sworn i heard my friend squeak a schrill "hi!!"--- and my mom's voice yelling my name from some downstairs even though it was like 3:30 am. the voices sounded too real, good god.

anyway yeah, thats really the only times i've hallucinated

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