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[QUOTE=Xant;3295141]Mr Smith, I find what you said very interesting. My daughter (20), also suffers from hearing voices.

She is currently on Seroquel which has, for the main part helped. The thing is, when she gets stressed, they come back with a vengence and are very hurtful.
She states she can't control them, they say and do what they you have nay advice for her on how she can take over control and not them? Thanks in advance :)[/QUOTE]

First things first, think of it as your daughter suffering from not being able to hear her own voice, rather than that of hearing other voices inside her head. For many of us, the things that we create, such as voices, are put to good use; we only need discard the voices that have no use to us, and we believe in our voice as having the final word.

I could give the advice to have your daughter taken off of all medications for starters, but I won't play the role of the devil; it's not my place. I will say this... The sooner you can eliminate all medications, the better.

Find out from your daughter what she believes. If she believes these voices to be controled by another person or being, then we have a whole different situation with different solutions to work around the problem.

If your daughter feels as though she voices were created by accident and by her own mind, and that they're "made up" in one sense, then tell her straight up that it's okay. I would suggest to her that she find a place of place or two for meditation, where she can work on bringing another creation into play; one that has authority, and can easily help her in her fight these other voices.

My main tip is for your daugther to go into a state of meditation. She needs to call a "meeting", with these voices, where she find out more about each one of them, and what they want. Since they're all sharing the same body "vehicle", then they need to get along in a sense. It's also time that they learned who their real master is, and what type of power she has at her disposal. As I said above, if she has another voice or two in the mix, ones that can help her, then it should be a breeze to get a control on the situation. The other voices "good ones" might already be present, yet she's been more involved with the trouble makers to get to know the good voices better and to ask them for assistance. Even if she can't create any voices to assist her, then she still must hold this meeting, closed door of course, to lay down the rules with those in attendance.

At some point, she'll need to get rid of a few of these voices that are causing problems. How she does this, is up to her, but if she created them initially, then she'll find her own way in time. Just remember to believe in her. :)

Mr Smith

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