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a person very close from me has been suffering from delusions. specifically he has created a series of false memories...i looked on google and false memories aren't necessarily due to schizophrenia but this is my only explanation since ther is schizophrenia in his family.
He started with talking about aliens, common i see from reading posts, he thought they took a part of his brain out of him "when they scanned it". from there he started thinking that the house i lived in was haunted because of some objects being stored in the basement that had evil spirits. so these are all classic delusions. since he experienced these he went to a psyCHOlogist, and ever since they've been holding sessions, he has a new traumatic event that happened in his childhood, at first i believed everything, i thought the traumatic events caused the first delusions. but now that he is "remembering supressed memories" that involve me, saying i was victimized as well, and i am positive that these events didn't occur, so i'm thinking these supressed memories are in fact delusional. now i don't know what to do, do i pretend to believe what he is saying actually happened so that i don't risk him stopping talking to me, which i believe would worsen his condition since i am the only person he talks to, or do i say that i think he is being delusional so that he might be able to realize that he is suffering from a chemical imbalance??? and why is his psychologist not realizing he is schizophrenic, even though he told him that is dad is schizophrenic..??? does anyone have a good plan of action for getting my friend help?? :confused::confused:

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