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:)Hello-* I began a graduate program in the fall of 2007 and have made some incredible friends.* My cohort takes the same classes together for the entire three years we are studying for our Master's Degree.* I am finding it very difficult to hide the fact that I have schizoeffective DX because of the amount of time spent with my peers each week.*While I would like to share this information with my entire cohort, I have great apprehension to telling my peers because of feelings of insecurity and fear of judgement.* My degree program is a Master of Social Work program and I have heard numerous "unwillfully ingnorant" comments about individuals with Schizophrenia spoken by peers in our classes.* I want so desperately to speak up, but feel silenced.* Does anyone have any thoughts or has anyone ever felt silenced and if so, how did you find your voice? Warm Regards, Xingjordan
That's a hard one, I know how you feel. You have to use your best judgement. I tell my co-workers if they start to notice odd things about me I have bipolar, but I have schizoaffective. I tell my friends I have schizoaffective and figure if they can't except me for me then I don't want them as my friends, but I never tell people at school or work. I'm getting my masters in counseling to be a therapist, and I've heard all those things. If you want to speak up you can say you know someone who is suffering from schizo... I've just found in the past there are always those teachers/friends/coworkers that will judge you no matter what you say and be scared of you.
My son has schizophrenia, and he does not keep it a secret because the only way for people to get past the stigma is to talk about it, and face it like any other illness.

If people give you grief, do what my son does, tell the people to get out of your way because you do not have time to waste on idiots. I have not met one person who did not accept him and his disease, mainly because he was not embarassed by it.


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