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[QUOTE=trudz1982;3730624]I have been in a relationship with a similar guy for 2 years now and what I can tell you is that the need for solitude and paranoid and delusional thoughts do not go away...ever.... How do you feel about taking this through for the rest of your if you have will he deal with the many situations that will arise?

To the original do you think you could deal with these kind of every day situations or is it something you would rather avoid?[/QUOTE]

Well, first we are both nearly 50 years old, so no kids will be on the horizon :D

Also, thankfully his situation is a mild case. He functions rather well on the whole with only rare instances where the paranoia creeps in. He runs a public blog and has been very open about his life, and this seems to actually help him cope with the problem in many ways. Admitting to it, writing about it and getting it out of him seems to make him more aware of it being a delusion and it then tends to disapate rapidly.

We have already discussed the need for solitude, since we are having conversations about moving in together. I, happen to be a person who requires a lot of personal space myself naturally which works well for us. We agreed that having an extra room for him to have for himself would be one of the key things needed, a "workspace", a place where he could go off on his own if need be.

I'm more concerned with the problems of associated depression. However I've lived with people who have depression before, so I'm sort of used to that and know how to deal with it (sad in a way however, at least it doesn't freak me out). Thus far, all seems ok. He manages his life quite well, has a steady job, lots of friends, is fully engaged in his life. And now is doing quite well making me happy too. I'm willing to see where this leads, as I believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy.

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