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Well, you live far away, but got your message loud and clear. It is good news to hear that some people are getting better. I was doing much better earlier this year. Something happened in January and I have continued to go downhill and I wish the hec I knew what happened upstairs to cause the decline. My meds were never altered and nothing was added between December and this current month except a .5 mg increase in Clonazepam.

I am not a good candidate for anti-depressants as I have tried about all of them over a 25 year period. Only Zoloft worked back in the late 80's. We even recently tried Zoloft again, but it gave me the jitters or maybe you could call it nervous energy. Anyway, so I later went off it. The Remeron I take along with the Seroquel and Clonazepam helps get me to sleep, but I still wake up at different hours of the night and am usually up between 3:00-4:00 AM.

You must be doing pretty well to be able to teach English to students and being around people in general. And you're a writer. Congratualations on your soon to be published book. I think when it comes to being around people I am the opposite of you. I also have social phobia and do not function well around others, especially strangers. But typeing behind a monitor suits me just fine and I can think better.

Don't worry about me. I will continue to go on and hope for some kind of improvement as time goes on. Of course I hope for much sooner than later. I need some kind of miracle pill. Where is it? Take care Omega13.

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