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If you want to find alternative therapies then look up orthomolecular treatment of schizophrenia online. It involves taking vitamins, including large doses of niacin and vitamin C, checking for allergies, usually food allergies (some people get well just from avoiding milk or gluten), avoiding caffeine and sugar (good luck on getting him to cooperate on that one!), etc. We tried using alternative treatment with our son for a couple of years and saw some encouraging things, but then he got worse and we had to put him on meds which he was on for over 2 years. He was a lot better on the meds but not great. Right now we have started him on desiccated thyroid 10 weeks ago in addition to the vitamins and he went off his meds without our knowing about it 6 weeks ago and told us about it a couple of weeks ago. Since he is the best he has been since he got sick, with no symptoms, not even negative ones of schizophrenia but just some not too bad OCD symptoms, we told him that he can continue off his meds until if and when he starts having symptoms of schizophrenia again. My own opinion is that everyone should try alternative treatment, at least the vitamins, even if they continue on meds forever because someone with schizophrenia needs all the help they can get. (Our son is 21 years old, and has been sick for the same amount of time as your son. )

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