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[QUOTE=Mikayyla;3797545]I myself do not hear voices but I've read the posts here about auditory hallucinations and I was wondering a couple things.

1) Regarding the fact that some of your voices are mean and negative, and some of your voices are nice and positive, I was wondering........Is there a pattern of your voices being male or female when they're positive or negative? What I mean to say is....Is it like the mean voices are always male and the nice voices are always female? Or the reverse? Or is there no pattern like that and the mean/nice voices can be either gender?

[B]In my case, I hear up to 20 different voices at a time and they are both male and female. Generally, the mean voices are male and the more polite voices are female, but this varies from one psychotic episode to the next. [/B]

2) When you talk back to the voices, do you talk back to them outloud or just "think" back to them in your mind?

[B]I do both. If my voices are really aggrevating me (such as when I'm manic), I'll talk back to them outloud. If I'm feeling calmer, I respond to them mentally in my mind.[/B]

3) When the voices come and you do talk(or think) back to them, do they respond and answer you?

[B]Yes they do. In fact, sometimes several voices talk or shout at the same time making it difficult for me to tell the difference between my own voice and the voices I hear in my head.[/B]

4) And if they do answer you -- do they answer you only when you talk to them outloud....or do they answer you when you "think" back to them?

[B]My voices answer me regardless of whether I talk back to them outloud or in my mind.[/B]

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