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My mother has schizophrenia and on my fathers side my grandfather, uncle and cousin have schizophrenia as well (My uncle and cousin who are diagnosed are not father-son). My maternal grandmother has been living with alzheimer's for the past 8 years. My paternal grandmother developed dementia but that was later in her years shortly before she passed away.
Mental illness does not just effect those who are diagnosed with it- I, myself, have never been diagnosed nor shown symptoms of a mental illness but have seen/felt the outreach of its effects. At times it was very hard to grow up with a parent suffering from mental illness (especially since my parents are divorced so for the most part it was just my mom, my younger brother and I). And not just hard on my brother and I, I know it was hard on my mom too.
But in the end I wouldn't change anything or anyone- I love my mom and the rest of my family for who they are and continue to try to give love, support and understanding.

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