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[QUOTE=autumnphyre;3977785]Been a while since I checked here but dreams of Neon, regarding your ocd/paranoia have you thought about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy therapy? I tired it last summer and found the guy USELESS, made me work out a book and just sat there and listened to me talk.

My friend has just finished a psychology/therapy degree and says theres more chance of solving paranoia type problems with CBT (if you're in England then theres a new open access therapy scheme being put into place to give more people the chance to have CBT on the NHS)

My paranoia is getting ridiculous, even my close friends and mum have suggested I go to talk to some one about CBT, so I'm going to talk to the doctor when I'm home from uni. Bit scared they'll just look at me like I'm an idiot for trying to sel diagnose myself >_>[/QUOTE]

My therapist and I use CBT to help me deal with my paranoia. It works great when I'm feeling level, but when I'm manic, depressed or pyschotic, all of the coping mechanisms I've learned go completely out the window. Part of this is due to my PTSD and the 4 kinds of trauma I experienced and part of it is due to the way I feel when I'm manic, depressed or psychotic.

When I'm in any of these states, I can't think rationally and tend to be hypersensitive to the things that happen around me.

For example, when I'm manic or depressed, I start to hear voices that command me to harm myself, talk about death/dying, argue with each other, tell me what an awful person I am and try to convince me that I've died in an auto accident and am in h*ll.

When I start to hear these voices, it reminds me of the voice I heard when I was on a weekend pass from the hospital in which someone threatened to harm me and said if I walked outside my apartment door, I'd "suffer the consequences."

After I went back to the hospital the night I was discharged for the weekend, I heard the same voice again only this time it said, "She's in Room "X." When the time is right, make your move."

I also hear the sound of car horns honking repeatedly at certain intervals (for example 12 noon, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45 and 1:00pm) which increases my paranoia because I think someone is following me or deliberately honking their car horn to annoy me.

I've thought about using hypnosis to deal with my paranoia, but I'm worried about how I will feel during the experience.

I take a benzo to help control my rapid cycling and mania as well as an anti-depressant to reduce bipolar depression, but I find that they also relieve my anxiety due to PTSD flashbacks.

Thanks for offering your suggestion of CBT. My therapist and I do apply CBT to my paranoia, but as my therapist said, it won't do me any good when I'm in a manic, depressed or psychotic state since I'm unable to think clearly during these episodes.

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