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hi I am new here and I dont have any one to talk to about this so I am so glad I found this message board. I think my mom has parnoid schizophrenia I always new my mom had a mental illness and she been to compcare and they told her she has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and which I think she might have but just the past 3 months have been so crazy. She thinks her neigbor is following her and trying to kill her and now she think her family is out to get my mom, my mom been married for 1 year 1/2 and he put her on his life insurance and now she think he out to kill her . I have a sister that is 17 and she think he out to molest her and which we ask her she said no and my mom husband is a great guy and I known he wouldnt do that . my mom is in constient fear when gas was at $4.00 and I live 30 min away she think ppl are following her it so sad . when my mom goes out she always have to have someone with her . she has so many systoms to be ps like ability to think straight, plotting to harm them,extremely anxious, neglect of personal hygeniene, anger, she argue to much,withdrawl from work and family, very tired , well my mom has to see my sister therpist 1 a month sence she is in foster care and she would go in there and talk about how people are out to harm her and stuff ,and he does not want my mom to see my sister till she goes back to compcare . she went there before and they didnt see she has ps and they overlook it . last week I call the compcare and told the secetary if she can tell me if my mom has a appointment and if i can talk with the doctor and they told me it confidential and they cant tell me no information and now I cant even help my mom . I known there not going to diganose my mom right becouse she think there nothing wrong with her and she not honest .She has put me thru some much stress and I am very sad please comment me thanks so much

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