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My friend what you describe happens to me as well, and might I add I may be responsible for transmitting thoughts that are captured by other people, without that being my intention. I'm still trying to understand this process and try to control it, but my advise to you is to just ignore those thoughts, and don't try to understand them. I believe that this is not a pathological condition, it becomes pathological when you start having paranoia and dilusions. If you catch yourself having paranoia just use your frontal lobe to set the situation straight, if your logic is sound then you shouldn't worry. Personally I believe that schizofrenia is just the state where some people cannot distinguish between what's real and what's not when they enter into a state of though broadcast-reception. Just do not process any foreign thoughts, ignore them and continue your life. If you start feeling anxiety, ask a doctor to give you an anxiolytic. If you start having paranoia, a doctor can give you some risperdal (a medicine) that can help a bit... All that from personal experience, hope it can help you a bit knowing my point of view...

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