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I am 20 year old male recently dropped out of college looking to transfer, but kind of leery of leaving my friends behind. I've done a lot of reading on schizophrenia, and it seems as though I have a lot of the at risk factors. I started doing my reading when my sister developed it, along with bipolar. I then find out that my mom has been taking the same type of medication for years. When I said I was taking time off of school my parents were really weird about the possibility of losing my health insurance and talking about schizophrenia a lot to me and it sort of has me paranoid. One main difference between me and my sister is that she moved away from her friends while I stayed with friends, and shes abused drugs much more than me. Ill admit I smoked a little bit but felt really weird from it and have been completely clean from that or any other drug. I definitely drink, but even that puts me down for a day or two. I know the fact that I dont have schizophrenia but I am scared out of my mind that Im going to develop it and I guess I dont really completely understand it. Is going to the doctor something I should consider? Or just keep a close eye out. I just always get the feeling that my parents arent completely telling me everything.

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