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Re: Quick Question
Feb 22, 2009
From what you've described, it does sound like he could be bipolar -- especially given his extreme symptoms. Bipolar mania and depession are often amplified and much different than "ordinary" mood swings or bipolar II hypomania (mild mania).

It's possible that he could have bipolar I or II with psychotic features, atypical bipolar I or schizoaffective disorder.

Here are symptoms of each:

BPI or II with psychotic features: hypomania (a mild mania that is only seen in BPII), mania (BPI), depression, delusions, psychosis, paranoia and/or rapid cycling.

Atypical bipolar I: mania, depression, delusions, psychosis, paranoia and/or rapid cycling.

Schizoaffective disorder: disturbances in thought, mania, depression, psychosis, delusions, paranoia and (rarely) rapid cycling.

There is also a diagnosis called bipolar NOS (not otherwise specified). This has all of the symptoms of bipolar I including psychosis, delusions and paranoia. The notation "not otherwise specified" simply means that it does not fall under any of the other categories of bipolar.

If you'd like more information and/or resources on bipolar, please feel free to send me a PM. I've been diagnosed with bipolar for 3 years and have been researching the disorder ever since.

All the best to you and your brother! Hats off to you for being there for him and trying to find out all you can to arrive at a correct diagnosis.

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