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Great replies guys! I appreciate your input! :)

I gotta say, that yes, Dreams of Neon; I do have an illness... I'm sadly diagnosed with schizophrenia / schizoaffective disorder. My doctors have been switching between the two; and I currently don't care which it is... However, I do realize that treating the two can be quite different, in terms of the mood disorder. (mood stabilizers / antipsychotics / antidepressants, etc)

Like you said, with bipolar disorder there are different meds that often do NEED to be prescribed by doctors. I agree completely with that. I gotta say that I have nothing against any treatments. I strongly do believe, however; that sometimes; when all treatments seem to do nothing for symptoms; the only place one can go for any sort of peace in mind is from within... Some people might need God in their lives... Simple religion / beliefs, etc... I'm sure any doctor would understand faith is not delusional; but just another form of treatment that helps fill a void that lies within all of us at one point in our lives... :)

Anyways, to get back on topic. I am currently taking seroquel. I've been on risperdal, zoloft, effexor xr, seroquel, now seroquel XR... I didn't notice any changes on the first couple, but this last one, "SEROQUEL," has certainly helped with my moods... I'm able to hold back from ranting / raving most of the time... Not all the time, unfortunately... But it certainly helps me out. On a high dose, however; I become completely zombi-ish... I'm small; so medications are alot more potent for me, than they normally would be for someone of average build. A low dose is my treatment, and it took 3 years for my doctor's to figure that out. :)

I also tried TRUE HOPE, but it didn't work for me whatsoever. Its another multivitamin / supplement; pill; that comes from the USA... Canada doesn't even allow it to be made here because the company refused to allow testing of its pills before it was sold to the public...

I guess, when I re-read my first post; it does come off alittle cocky... I promise I don't mean to sound that way... I'm just saying that everyone is different, everyone is unique... And its hard to allow a doctor to brand different people with the same label... And simply treat them with the same medications... And expect things to magically come together again... Its too good to be true... And now that I've been through medications, and different treatments, all that I've come to realize is; if I simply, "ACCEPTED," that I had an illness... It would, in itself; help alleviate any further symptoms arising from after the original symptoms...

Do you guys ever feel, that even though there are hundreds of treatments out there for any illness, (with different names, different methods, different ingredients, etc...) they are all there for the same reason; to help whomever takes it? I'd HOPE; that, thats the agenda of all medications / treatments of illnesses; however, I do know thats not entirely true... I'm sure there are scams, and money hounds laughing themselves to sleep; while making millions off selling, "CURE," medications / treatments; to those whom are most desperate to help alleviate their symptoms... Their own desire to get better; is enough to make them naive, and completely unaware, that some treatments are actually scams.

Sometimes I worry about this... Hopefully I'm wrong though, I'd like to think everyone taking medications / treatments for illnesses; actually get what they pay for... :)

Thanks again,
Congrats on finding a good med. I was on clonazepam for helping with my anxiety before going to bed but I didn't found thst it worked so we cut it off. Now I'm on Ativan and it does a better job. I'm also currently on Zoloft for depression and axiety but I haven't found that they have worked yet. And I've been on it for 3 months. I'm also on Seroquel and stelazine for my schizophrenia but I haven't found that they are doing anything either. Its a good thing that I see my psychiatrist tomorrow or Wednesday February 25.

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