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Hello Movefoward; and welcome to the healthboard forums!

First off, thanks for being honest and upfront about your issues... One thing I gotta say - is that everyone here can relate to what you said, about looking for someone who can relate to you... I gotta say that there are lots of people who look on these forums for opportunites to help those in need... Perhaps with time; you can do the same for those who come onto these forums looking for the same thing you are currenly searching for... And I wish you the best; and only promise that I'll try my best to help with anything you want to talk about... Regardless if it has anything to do with your issues - or someone else's issues... We all understand. :)

Anyways... Are you personally worried about what your diagnosis will end up being? You mentioned that your doctor said you have, "Psychosis," as the current label... I would assume that means you have, "Psychosis NOS," which means, "Psychosis, Not Otherwise Specified..." Regardless of what you may or may not recieve as a diagnosis in the future - that usually is the starting point for anyone new; (coming into the psychiatric field to be evaluated) who shows signs and symptoms of psychosis related disorders... Whatever diagnosis you recieve, just remember one thing... "YOU ARE NOT YOUR ILLNESS..." Your illness is simply something you gotta deal with. So accepting it sooner than later is the best way to treat it. :)

From what you wrote above - I would say you're definitely, "past," [B]signs [/B]of psychosis... And that you are already experiencing [B]symptoms [/B]of psychosis... I'm no doctor, so anything I say is not only limited by anonymous [B]text[/B]; but also a lack of [B]experience [/B]in [B]objectively [/B]dealing with diagnosing people... So take whatever I say, or what anyone else says; into mind... But very lightly... Its only advice - not fact... Aside from that, ask and say whatever you need to say. :)

If what you said above is truly what you're experiencing, you'd be experiencing tactile hallucinations, delusions, I'm assuming you hear your, "unseen friends / aliens / bugs," but do you also, "see," them?

Also... Have you ever felt paranoid about anything? You mentioned that a man with a knife, (Whom nobody else seems to see) has followed you... And that in your dreams - he's there and its like its interconnected somehow... Do you constantly feel like he's out to get you? If you do feel worried about him - is it only when you're walking outside? Do you feel some comfort in the presence of any one individual you know? Like a friend, or a family member? Is there some way, or technique - that allows you to get away from these thoughts / feelings?

It sounds like you're saddened by the possibility; that some of these friends that help you with the aliens - could be delusions / hallucinations... I can understand that - however I've never experienced hallucinations to that extent... Others on this forum can help you with that, as I honestly don't know where to start, other than to say - that I'm deeply sorry if they are delusions / hallucinations...

Have you ever seen the movie, "A Beautiful Mind?" If not, get that movie and watch it alone... They deal with that exact same thing - about how some of the characters best friends / memories could have been made up all along... And that he has to make a choice of getting better; and sacrificing those best friends / memories - admitting that they were simply irrational delusions / hallucinations...

Anyways, I'm blabbering, post whenever you want, whatever you want; hope things get better for you...


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