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Re: Schizophrenia
Mar 13, 2009
Some people with schizophrenia are detached from people due to their illness. When I was hearing voices 24/7 last year (I don't have schizophrenia. I have a schizophrenic form of bipolar and have been hearing voices since 1991), I avoided people and became agitated easily due to the confusion between the voices I heard of people in real life vs. those that were in my head. It was too much auditory overload.

I would recommend that you continue to tell your son how much you love him.

Does he have any favorite hobbies or interests? For instance, if he enjoys being on the computer, perhaps he could share some of his favorite websites with you so that the two of you could spend some time together. If he likes watching sports, you both could spend the weekend watching basketball or whatever sport he likes. Doing these things will help strengthen the relationship you have with your son. It will also allow him to realize that he isn't fighting his illness alone and that there are people around him like you who care.

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