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Yeah. I'm sure I know what he's going through. It starts off that way. First you believe you're speaking telepathically with people you know. Then the people start looking in on your day to day life and comment on everything you do. You can't figure out how they can see what's going on. The voices you hear are exactly the same as their own. For instance if you have a brother and you hear his voice it will be exactly the same. Not only that, but his personality will be just as you would expect it to. Then you start hearing the voice of every person you think of. If you think of the president you'll start having a conversation with him. Then his psychic defense team will surround you, because he's a very busy man, and he can't be bothered by other psychics. Then you'll start hearing the voices of people from the past. You'll hear Jesus, you'll hear Cleopatra. If you're lucky you'll meet the funniest man alive, the Buddha. Do you think this is really happening? Is the best explanation for this that the whole damn world is psychic and you're talking with your family, friends, strangers, dead people, spirits, vegetables, refrigerators...anything...just by thought!? Of course not?

Tell your friend to look over his right shoulder. That's when the crap will hit the fan! Tell him to say "Jesus" or "You're the devil" and see if he gets a hiss. The reality? Yeah. It's the devil living in you're heart, standing like a shadow behind you, imitating the voices of anyone he wants to in order to deceive you and drive you crazy. How does he have the power to imitate not only the voice but also the personality of any he wants to whether alive or dead...? Think about it. The answer? He's EVERYWHERE! He's inside EVERYTHING! He KNOWS EVERYTHING? He knows the heart and mind of every individual. His power is beyond comprehension. At least half the people I look at, in any social situation, have a shadow behind their back. Half don't.

Anyway. It was shear luck that caused me to look over my shoulder and see that scamp sitting back there following my every move, tricking me the way he does, just for fun. I probably would have killed my self from guilt if I hadn't realized that he was the one imitating the voices.

Anyway. Even when it was just me and the devil it took me at least another two years to figure out how to keep him from saying things. I thought the sounds were in my head. This was an illusion. I tried to block the sounds by focusing on my brain, or my head, or my mind. It never worked. What's the bible say...something like...All of the things men say spring from their heart.

And that's where he is. I don't expect your friend will be able to block the voices by concentrating on his heart, because he's too wrapped up in the deception. I know this method works. I don't know how many people can use it. I don't know if there's a point even talking about it. I just consider my self lucky. Anyhow, take care...please excuse any tone of outrage...I just know exactly what's happening with this guy and it could take a long time before he figures out how to deal with it. He might not even figure it out. Anyhow, it's off to bed for me. Take care.

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